Hippo Tops | Chick Peas | Chicken


  • Chicken filet 4 each
  • Cooked chick peas 100g
  • Shiso Purple 2 punnet
  • Eggs medium 1 each
  • Ground cumin 2 pinch
  • Table salt 2 pinch
  • White ground pepper 1 pinch
  • Hippo Tops a few
  • Cooked lentils 300g
  • Tahini and paprika sauce 4 spoons

Blitz in a robot ‘cutter’ the chicken with the chick peas, add the salt, pepper and ground cumin. Add the egg at the end.

Make some quenelle with the chicken mix and shallow fry them at medium temperature in vegetable oil until fully cooked.

Arrange on the plate as seen on the picture.

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