Poached egg with rye bread crumble



For 4 people

  • 4 eggs
  • 10 g squid ink
  • 1 tray Vene Cress
  • 30 g Verveine Infusions
  • 20 ml olive oil
  • 250 g potato
  • 100 ml cream
  • 200 g rye bread
  • 5 g pepper
  • 5 g salt
  • lemon zest

To make the potato foam, first boil the potato until cooked. Mash the potato finely with the cream, and pass it through a sieve. Fill the soda syphon with the sieved creamy mashed potato and one gas cartridge.

Poach the egg until firm on the outside but with the yolk still liquid on the inside.

Mix the Verveine Infusions with the oil, and heat to 70 ºC. Add a little grated lemon zest and leave to cool. (Sieve before use.)

For the crumble, crumble the rye bread into breadcrumbs, add the squid ink, and dry the crumbs in the manner of your choice.

Make a circle of the rye bread crumble and pipe the potato foam onto it. Lay the poached egg on top and spray a little of the Verveine Infusions oil on top. Garnish the egg with the Vene Cress.

For the best results, chill the cress in iced water for an hour beforehand!

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