Yka Leaves “pearls“


  • 1 punnet of fresh Yka Leaves   
  • 10 dry Yka Leaves
  • 4 pinches of Yka Leaves powder    
  • 200ml rhubarb juice      
  • 80g caster sugar   
  • 2g xanthan gum     
  • 2g Agar-Agar             


  • Make Yka Leaves syrup using 80g of sugar in a pan. Cover with water, and bring to boil. Then whisk in the fresh Yka Leaves and pass through a sieve.
  • Mix 2/3 of the syrup with 200ml of rhubarb juice.
  • Mix in the gelling agent and set in silicone mould.
  • Serve with Yka Leaves powder, dried Yka Leaves and Yka Leaves syrup.

Recipe: Franck Pontais

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