BlinQ Blossom®, Fresh, briny, salty

Category: Flowers

BlinQ Blossom is a robust, juicy plant. With its crystalline appearance, it is a real eye-catcher in the range.

Taste / Aroma
Fresh, briny, salty
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Coquille St Jacques, Lobster, Mothersday, Oyster, Truffle, Valentine's Day
Cold, 2-7 °C


BlinQ Blossom® is the Koppert Cress brand name for an edible flower. BlinQ Blossom is a robust, juicy plant. With its crystalline appearance, it is a real eye-catcher in the range.

Taste Friends

The flavour of BlinQ Blossom ranges from fresh and briny to salty, and it goes well with smoked dishes featuring meat or fish, for instance mackerel. When using in combination with meat, you could use steak tartare, entrecôte, or Wagyu beef, for example. 


BlinQ Blossom originates from South Africa, but has extended  to include the Mediterranean region, amongst others. The plant is found in dry, rocky areas. BlinQ Blossom has a soothing effect and is traditionally used to inhibit inflammation of the mucous membranes.


BlinQ Blossom is available all year round and can be kept for up to seven days at a temperature of between 2-7°C.

Produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods, BlinQ Blossom satisfies hygiene standards in the kitchen. You can use this product directly, as it is cultivated cleanly and hygienically.


Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Umami
African, Asian, Balkan, Creolic, Nederlands, French, Italian, Japanese, Nordic, Portugese, Russian, Spanish
Decoration, Garnish
White, Green
Cocktail, Crustaceans, Dessert, Fish, Main course, Starter, Sushi, Vegetarian, Vegetables
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Gin, Vodka, Chocolate, Prawns, Lobster, Crab, Crustaceans others, Cod, Monkfish, Salmon, Fish (saltwater), Shellfish, Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Cucumber, Kalamansi, Lime, Olives, Granatapfel, Raspberry, Red fruit, Strawberry, Dill, Mint, Truffle, Scallop, Oyster, Squid, Salt, Vanilla, Olive oil, Ponzu, Seaweed, Soy sauce, Yuzu
edible flowers, Edible Diamond, High Class Food, Luxus Food, Expensive Food

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