Monkfish with Mussel Lentils


• 1 monkfish back of 800 gr approximately

• 1 kg Mussels

• 100 gr Mussel water
• 2 gr Resource
• 50 gr Tap water

• 20 gr Diced carrot
• 20 gr Diced greenpepper
• 20 gr Diced red pepper
• 20 gr Diced baby leek
• 50 gr Cider vinegar
• 2 oregano leaves
• 2 Thyme sprigs

Oil Capsule Gelatin
• 500 gr water
• 50 gr gelatin

• Virgin olive oil
• Affilla Cress®

Mark the monkfish back on both sides and set aside on a tray.

Mussel lentils
Open the mussel (fresh) and with a knife get them out of the shell and put in a strainer. Grind the meat and strain. Put in a bottle. Heat up olive oil up to 70ºC and start adding drops of the musselmix with the bottle. Let it set for a minute and dry out in a strainer. Keep the lentils in oil.

Get the water from the mussels (when opening). Add tap water. Heat up and boil for one minute. Put in a cheesecloth and strain, thick with the resource.

Blanch the vegetables separately, cooling them out quickly. Let rest for an hour in vinegar with all the aromatics. Put the oil in the roner and set the temperature at 70ºC, put there the diced monkfish for 15 minutes.

Oil Capsule
Mix the water with the vegetable gelatin and boil. Cool down to 75-80ºC to work with it, this will give you a better texture. For the capsules, put on a silpad the cress and cover with olive oil, immediately put in the freezer for 12 hours. Take out from the silpad and make a little hole with a needle, cover with the gelatin and let it defrost inside the refrigerator.

Put some broth in the bottom of the plate and put 4 pieces of the vegetables, in the corners put some lentils and the oil capsule. Put the monkfish on the grill (to heat up briefly) and put in the center of the plate.

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