Chocolate, banana, sea buckthorn

At Maurits van der Vooren of restaurant Latour (*) we are treated to refined desserts, full of taste and controlled creativity.


  • Anise Blossom
  • chocolate galettes
  • edible flowers
  • banana slices
  • chocolate espuma
  • Meringue

For the banana gel:

  • 300 g banana coulis
  • 35 g of lime juice
  • 110 g pineapple coulis
  • 60 g of sugar
  • 2 vanilla pods
  • 6.2 g of agar
  • 25 g of rum

For the caramel:

  • 300 g of sugar
  • 100 g of water
  • 100 g of butter
  • 2 vanilla pods
  • 400 g crème fraîche
  • 60 g lawyer

For the banana sorbet:

  • 8 ripe bananas
  • 180 g of sugar
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 3/4 tsp yuzu
  • 180 g of water

For the chocolate ice cream:

  • 500 g of milk
  • 120 g of cream
  • 200 g pure couverture
  • 150 g egg yolk
  • 80 g of sugar

For the chocolate cake:

  • 150 g of butter
  • 110 g pure couverture
  • 100 g egg yolks
  • 100 g of egg-white
  • 150 g of sugar
  • 60 g of flour

For the banana chibouste:

  • 240 g of ripe banana
  • 4 g lemon juice
  • 220 g of cream
  • 40 g of sugar
  • 48 g of starch
  • 160 g egg yolk
  • 6 leaves of gelatin
  • 240 g of sugar
  • 220 g of protein

For sea buckthorn gel:

  • 400 g sea buckthorn juice
  • 400 g apple juice
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 9.8 g of agar

For the chocolate cylinder:

  • 400 g fondant
  • 240 g of glucose
  • 240 g pure couverture 75%

For the sea buckthorn pearls:

  • 400 g sea buckthorn juice
  • 400 g apple juice
  • 100 g of sugar
  • 10 g of leaf gelatin


Bring all the ingredients for the gel to the boil, boil for 3 minutes, blender until smooth and allow to set. Blend the cold mass again and pass through a sieve.

Make a caramel of the sugar and water, add the other ingredients, blender smooth and pass through a sieve. Reserve cool. Bring all the sorbet ingredients to a boil, blender smooth and turbine.

For the chocolate ice cream, make an anglaise and turbine. For the cake, beat the butter until fluffy, beat the egg white and sugar to peak, assemble all the ingredients and bake the cake in the oven at 180°C.

For the chibouste, bring the banana, lemon juice, cream, sugar, yolk and starch to a boil, dissolve the soaked gelatin in it and put it cold. Beat the egg whites and sugar to peaks, fold under the chibouste and fill in ring shapes.

Bring all the ingredients for the gel to a boil, allow to set and blender until smooth. For the cylinder, mix the fondant and glucose and heat to 152°C.

Remove the pan from the heat, add the couverture and pour the mixture onto a silpat. Allow to cool completely and mix to powder.

Sieve the powder on a silpat using a mold, bake in the oven at 190°C for 6 minutes and then place under the heat lamp for 3 minutes. Wrap the mass around a PVC tube and allow to cool.

Bring to a boil for the pearls, juices and sugar, dissolve the soaked gelatin and make pearls in nitrogen.

Place the cylinder on the plate in the chiboust ring, dress all components in the cylinder and fill with the espuma. Place a quenelle of ice on the chocolate tray, garnish with the meringue and place the buckthorn pearls on it.

Place the Anise Blossom and finish with the hot chocolate sauce.


Latour Restaurant

Koningin Astrid Boulevard 5 – Noordwijk aan Zee
T  0031 71 365 11239

Recipe: Maurits van der Vooren
Source: Pâtisserie & Desserts - 46


In memoriam (10 October 1983 - 23 March 2021)
As a lasting memory of an inspiring collaboration.

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