Honey and Anise Blossom Caramel and Orange Bon Bon

Native to the same areas as cocoa in central America and Mexico, Anise Blossom paired with Xoco Gourmet white chocolate, letting the delicate anise aroma permeate the chocolate itself and add layers of flavour to the orange caramel.

Ingredients and method


Ingredients for polycarbonate mould preparation  

  • 6 punnets of Anise Blossom
  • 600g Xoco Gourmet 40% cocoa solids white chocolate 

Ingredients for Honey and Anise Blossom Caramel 

  • 90g whipping cream (37-38% fat) and 20g water 
  • 4 punnets Anise Blossom – chopped 
  • 190g caster sugar 
  • 30g blossom honey 
  • 150g unsalted butter – cubed, room temperature 
  • 3g sea salt flakes 

Ingredients for Orange Ganache 

  • 120g Xoco Gourmet 40% cocoa solids white chocolate 
  • 50g whipping cream (37-38% fat) 
  • 20g juice from an orange 
  • Zest of 2 oranges 
  • 14g glucose syrup 
  • 10g unsalted butter 
  • Few drops orange essential oil (optional) 


Method for casting Mould 

  • Finely chop the anise blossoms. Temper the white chocolate. 
  • Stir chopped flowers into the chocolate and cast the mould with it. 
  • Let cast mould crystallise at cool room temperature or in a chocolate fridge while making the fillings. 

Method for Honey and Anise Blossom Caramel 

  • Place Anise Blossom in the cream. Bring to boil, remove from heat and cover to retain the vapour and leave for 2 hours to infuse. 
  • Make a rich caramel with sugar and honey.  
  • Remove pan from the heat. Add the butter a little at a time stirring to emulsify. Meanwhile bring infused cream back to steaming point. 
  • A little at a time add the hot cream to the caramel until it is all incorporated (with care – it will bubble up vigorously). 
  • Pass caramel into a bowl, let cool slightly, stir in the salt, place in a piping bag, and when cooled to 25-28C, pipe in to the cast chocolate cavities just under half full. Let crystallise at cool room temperature or in a chocolate fridge for a few hours.  

Method for Orange Ganache 

  • Place the orange zest into the cream and orange juice in a pan, bring to boil and immediately cover to capture the vapour. Leave to infuse for 1 hour. Place the chocolate into a bowl. 
  • Rewarm the cream and orange infusion with the glucose and pass through a sieve on to the white chocolate, squeezing out as much liquid and flavour as possible. 
  • Stir to emulsify, then stir in the butter. Add drops of orange oil if required. 
  • Pipe on top of anise blossom caramel to just under the top of the mould, let crystallise for a few hours or overnight at cool room temperature or in a chocolate fridge.  
  • Retemper white chocolate and cap the chocolates. Let crystallise and de-mould. 
  • Store at 16-18C for a maximum of 3 days.

Recipe: Shona Sutherland

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