New season asparagus


  • 1⁄2 potato sheet
  • 1 sachet matcha & yuzu powder blend
  • 1 sachet honey caramelised sesame
  • seeds & crystallised mint blend
  • 1 sachet candied yuzu zest • 30g MSK UltraMousse
  • 5g MSK UltraGel 2
  • Zalloti Blossom
  • Sea Fennel
  • Bean Blossom
  • Kyona Cress


  • Peel the plastic backing sheet from the potato sheet. Using a pair of scissors cut a 5ml strip along the long edge of the sheet. Lay this flat on a tray and lightly brush with a damp pastry brush.
  • You only need a little water to make it more pliable and it helps it to stick.
  • Lightly brush a 3cm diameter metal ring with butter and wrap the strip around. Using a paper clip fasten the 2 ends, It will form a tear shape. Place onto a baking tray and cook for approx. 5 minutes at 170°C.
  • Be careful they cook very quickly, you are looking for a nice golden colour.
  • Leave to cool.

Recipe: Vicky Endersen

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