Pear, mango and Apple Blossom

Alexander Wulf of the St. Jacques restaurant: "It takes some intelligence from the chef, but once you have discovered the possibilities and the flavours of the cresses are etched in your memory, the Cressperience for the guests can begin."


  • half white chocolate balls
  • pickled mango cubes
  • small white meringue rosettes
  • Apple Blossom
  • gel of "Mors"

For the stock:

  • the red juice of pear and mango
  • Scarlet Cress

For the red pear balls:

  • 2 dl red juice of pear and mango
  • 100 g Apple Blossom
  • 2 pears

For the pickled pear slices:

  • pear
  • clear juice of pear and mango

For the pear gel:

  • 1 dl white juice of pear and mango
  • 1 g of agar

For the dark chocolate soil:

  • 100 g pure couverture
  • 40 g of maltodextrin
  • salt
  • pepper


For the stock, vacuum the juice and the Apple Blossom, infuse for 6 hours in a 62°C water bath, pass through a sieve and serve warm.

Make balls of pear without skin, vacuum with the other ingredients and cook in a water bath at 62°C. Vacuum the two components for the inlaid pear slices.

For the gel, bring the juice and agar to a boil, allow to harden and blend smoothly. Melt the couverture, add the maltodextrin and season with salt and pepper.

Serve the earth in a deep plate and put the white chocolate ball on it. Dress the other components around and pour the warm pear stock onto the chocolate ball. Garnish the dish with the Apple Blossom.


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Recipe: Alexander Wulf 
Source: Pâtisserie & Desserts - 52

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