Sechuan Buttons Shot

Ingredients and method


  • 1 punnet Sechuan Buttons
  • 1 bottle tonic water  
  • Sechuan Button Sugar to dip the glass rim of the glass shot


  • Dip the rim of shot glasses in water and Sechuan Sugar (recipe).
  • Then, place the glasses in the freezer until use.
  • Place each Sechuan button at the tip of a bamboo skewer and place them inside the frozen glass shots.
  • Fill the shot glasses with Tonic water.
  • Serve, ask your guests to chew the sechuan button first, on both side of the mouth and to swallow.
  • Ask them to rinse their mouths with the very cold tonic water.
  • Enjoy the experience! (Ps: add some gin to the water if you wish)   

Recipe: Franck Pontais 

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