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It is searching and shuffling in the Burgstuben Residenz by Alexander Wulf.

Alexander Wulf

Star restaurant St. Jacques by chef Alexander Wulf is in a phase of discoveries and experiments. The guest crowd is international, mainly due to the perfect car connection from the Netherlands. Alexander has had a turbulent life, as a migrant child his chances were not up for grabs. But this chef is a fighter. An explorer too, his curiosity is infectious. Alexander: “If you end up in Germany as a migrant, you are automatically one step behind. Both language and school education were obstacles that came my way and had to be overcome. Fortunately, in my life I often had the right people around me who could help me further and who gave me opportunities. Of course you still have to grab it, but I can say that I was ambitious at a young age.

He accidentally ended up in the kitchen where his brother was also working and discovered that he had had a knack for the job. He wanted to continue with this and a rich international career made him the chef he is now. Alexander is of Russian descent and his roots had to be expressed in his own business. The Burgstuben Residenz is the right place for this. Alexander: “I had worked here for several years before I had the opportunity to take over the business with a partner. It has become an experience that was never about paved roads. It is difficult to show your own signature in this environment, the guests of the past are not always open to radical changes. You can therefore find my Russian roots in small elements. These are old memories from my childhood in Siberia that I now try to merge with the expectations of my guests."

"Mors" with Atsina Cress and Honny Cress
"Mors" with Atsina Cress and Honny Cress


"I want to let the guests taste the flavors of my grandmother's kitchen, the ingredients that we got from our Siberian garden. This also includes modern taste elements. If you try in detail to convey your home kitchen, it is about nuances, and I find those nuances in the Koppert Cress cresses. Taste memories of the past, small flavor bombs, which we can now emphasize with the cresses.

It is quite an experience for the guests, it hits like a bomb. An example is that we used to have a lot of cucumbers in the garden at home. Cucumber would be too ordinary to use, using Borage Cress evokes that taste experience. You can simulate the earthy taste of beetroot with the Bean Blossom.

It takes some intelligence from the chef, but once you have discovered the possibilities and the flavors of the cresses are etched in your memory, the Cressperience for the guests can begin.”

Mango mousse, nougat and celeriac ice cream
Mango mousse, nougat and celeriac ice cream

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Pear, mango and Apple Blossom
Pear, mango and Apple Blossom