From natural scientist with a doctorate to gourmet entrepreneur

The Berlin food manufacturer Yana Steudel - Pearl.Up.Your.Food has been conquering gourmets and restaurateurs all over the world with culinary pearls, in the style of molecular cooking, since 2018.

Visiting Koppert Cress

Social media made it possible and brought Dr. Yana Steudel and the Culinary Business Development Manager Marcel Thiele together on a culinary level, spontaneously an invitation to Koppert Cress followed, which Yana Steudel gratefully accepted. Architecture Aromatique are two words that really connect, according to Yana Steudel, but also the high demand for the best possible quality. After a tour of the company and in-depth discussions, the first small culinary creations followed, which were extremely convincing in their simplicity and combination. It's the simplest things that surprise. Whether a combination of the delicious Meyer lemon with Aclla Cress or Calamansi and Ghoa Cress. Truly the beginning of a wonderful and above all delicious collaboration.

It all started on a study trip to Japan a few years ago. During her research work at the University of Kyoto, Yana Steudel also discovered the culinary specialties of the country. She immediately fell in love with its sophistication. “Japanese cuisine pays attention to every detail. The meditative tranquility of the surroundings creates amazing dishes with surprising ingredients. Everything is perfectly matched; every ingredient tastes and is enjoyed on the tongue. It is precisely this fine type of cuisine that I fell in love with,” explains the natural scientist, who has a doctorate.

Who is Yana Steudel

After Japan, many more research trips around the world followed, which were also culinary trips. She has e.g. in New Zealand, Singapore, Italy, USA, England, Sweden. Yana Steudel also learned the languages ​​of the respective country through the regional cuisine and is now well connected with gourmets all over the world. "But it was Japan and later France that have had the greatest influence on my cooking style to this day," says Yana Steudel.

Yana Steudel would like to concentrate the essence of this culinary and cosmopolitan diversity in her pearls and invite her customers on an enjoyable journey through the kitchens of this world. Each bead creation tells its own story. She never thought that one day she would found her own food start-up. “I made my first beads privately for fun for friends in France. It was the sherry Pedro Ximenz pearl that paired perfectly with foie gras and ended up being the highlight of the French at Christmas dinner. This genuine enthusiasm motivated me to continue on the path of pearls,” explains Yana Steudel in retrospect.

From university laboratory to professional kitchen

After professional positions in research laboratories and scientific publishing houses, Yana Steudel has devoted herself completely to her passion since 2018 and has since exchanged the university laboratory for her favorite laboratory - the kitchen.

Today she manufactures around 20 products by hand in her Berlin factory. Fine pearls are created, but also special vinegar variations. The raw materials are just as exquisite as the finished creations. “The best food can only be created with the best ingredients. For my champagne pearls, I only use champagne from Vignon Père & Fils. I personally visited the champagne house and was convinced of the special quality on site. With this claim, I offer my customers a real taste explosion on the palate and a treat for the eyes,” says Yana Steudel proudly. The small culinary pearls also convince with a variety of possible uses. They go well with meat, fish, seafood and salads, but also with cheese, desserts and special drinks.

Global recognition

In addition to her excellent cooking skills, Yana Steudel also uses her scientific background for the production. High-quality, handcrafted products are created that give people pleasure and should offer inspiration. Customers do not need their own gourmet experience. The pearls are delivered ready to eat and can be used immediately by anyone. The founder provides the appropriate self-developed recipes, in which the Perlen products can be used, right away on her website free of charge.

"Because I enjoy developing new recipes just as much as making the little pearls themselves. And the recipes have become more and more sophisticated over the years," explains Yana Steudel, whose culinary achievements have already made it into the Apero Magazine by star chef Witzigmann cooked and twice won the Cooking Cup in Berlin. The French gastronomy association Les Toques Françaises accepted her in 2019 as the first German citizen ever. In 2020 she was admitted to the Academie Nationale der Cuisine.

Company information

Curious palates and experienced gourmets can obtain the culinary pearls from the website

The company Yana Steudel - Pearl.Up.Your.Food was founded in 2018 by the natural scientist Dr. Yana Steudel founded in Berlin. The manufactory develops and sells fine culinary pearls in the style of molecular gastronomy as well as various vinegar variations for private customers, specialist retailers and the catering trade. The company sells worldwide and is continuously expanding its range. The founder is a member of the French gastronomy association Toques Françaises and the Academie Nationale de Cuisine de France.

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