Discover the world of plants, Koppert Cress

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to hunt for plants? We happily invite you to our edible jungle so you can experience this for yourself!

Tasting garden

Our garden features plants from locations around the world that give an impression of what the plant world has to offer. We like to look at plants from a different perspective, in order to discover new ways of using them for flavour and for health.

Chefs, too, are ready to be inspired by nature. They really enjoy seeing which plants grow in faraway places, or simply in your back garden and along the side of the road. They then transform them into beautiful, delicious and healthy dishes in their own unique way.

Insight and awareness

Whenever we accompany chefs through the garden, they tell us about developments in the culinary world; what products are popular; and what they are looking for. This gives us insight into food trends, while the chefs become more aware about the availability and the value of plants.


One of the latest trends is foraging, which, quite simply, means picking plants and fruits in the wild. You may have picked blackberries or herbs yourself before. Chefs have started doing this, too.

That said, there's a downside to foraging: not only can it disrupt animals' habitats but excess foraging may lead to the disappearance of certain plants. This has a negative effect on biodiversity and ecological balance.

That's why it's also our responsibility to deal with this in a sustainable manner. Sustainability also means enjoying the diversity of plants that this world has to offer, without causing harm to the environment.