Food and health

It is seen as very normal: when we get sick, we take medicine to get better. The limitation of this approach is that we then only look at curing diseases, instead of preventing them. Because what if we could completely prevent getting sick by eating the right vegetables? Food as a means of repairing the body is not new. The slogan "Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food." is centuries old.

In today's society there is a rivalry between food safety and cost. In other words: food must be safe and cheap. This approach ignores the effect of natural food on our health. The original diet of the nomadic hunters and gatherers consisted mainly of plants, supplemented with a little animal protein. We have completely lost touch with this. As a result: many non-communicable diseases that we inflict on ourselves by eating food that does not match what our body needs. Horticulture has been the purveyor of health for many centuries. The Netherlands has been a forerunner in this since 1600. With our experience, our strong entrepreneurs, the logistics channel, and knowledge of the universities, we can turn this into an enormous new economy.

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