A real tribute to the agave, demonstrating how to use Koppert Cress products as recipients.


Venus Paloma: 

  • 4cl Tequila  
  • 1cl lemon juice 
  • 12cl grapefruit juice 
  • a dash Aclla Cress syrup 
  • ice-cubes 
  • Venus Vase 
  • Anise Blossom 

Majii Shots:

  • 2cl Mezcal
  • 1cl lemon juice
  • 1cl cointreau
  • crushed ice
  • Majii Leaves


  • Blanch 3 Majii Leaves for 10 seconds, then gently massage the leaves to break the inside fibers. (Be careful to not break the skin).
  • Mix the ingredients for the shot in a glass and fill the Majii Leaves, using a pharmacy syringe; then place the leaves on a bed of crushed ice to chill. 
  • Combine the Paloma ingredients in a cocktail shaker, shake well.  
  • Fill a Julep style glass with crushed ice, serve the Paloma into the Venus Vase and add to glass. 
  • Lay the 3 Majii Leaves around the Venus Vase and decorate with a few Anise Blossom.  

Pairing: Tacos al pastor with chipotle sauce and Sakura Cress and Aclla Cress. 

Recipe: Created by Lisette Dawtrey (Koppert Cress Spain) and Damiá Mulá (CETT) for the DEU Bartending & Mixology.

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