Lobster with cherry, red onion, Shiso Purple, zallotti blossom


  • 4 lobster tails
  • coarse sea salt

Pickled radish:

  • 50 grams of radish
  • 2 purple Shiso leaves
  • 100 ml of vinegar
  • 5g of sugar salt

Pickled Cherries:

  • 100 ml of vinegar
  • 2 branches of Zallotti Blossom
  • 50 ml of sugar water
  • ½ URB Berlin
  • 25 ml of beetroot juice
  • 25 ml of soy sauce
  • sweet and sour onion


  • Shiso Purple Cress
  • Scarlet Cress
  • 1 sprig of Zallotti Blossom (flowers)


  • Cook the lobster to the right degree.
  • Cut the radish into thin, long slices, vacuum pack and brew twice.
  • Add Zallotti Blossom sprigs to the vinegar and heat to 100°C, then add sugar water, beetroot juice, URB Berlin, cherry halves without seeds and leave to cool.
  • Peel the onions, cut them in half and marinate.
  • Place the radish on a plate, fry the lobster tail in a bit of butter and oil and place it on top of the radish.
  • Sprinkle with coarse sea salt and finish the dish with the remaining ingredients.
  • Serve that dish from URB Shanghai that matches the dish, blends and flavors.

Recipe: Eric Miete

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