Moshiso 2.0

Inspired by Javier de las Muelas – Dry Martini, we created the lighter version of the Moshiso.


  • 5cl White rum macerated with Honny Cress
  • 1 lime 
  • Shiso Leaves Green
  • Honny Cress
  • Soda water 
  • crushed ice 


  • Add 3 split Shiso Leaves Green, 1 quartered lime and ½ punnet of Honny Cress in a large glass and grind softly with wooden mortar.  
  • Fill halfway with crushed ice, add macerated rum and mix well. 
  • Top glass up with ice and soda water, stir and decorate with a whole Shiso Leaves Green. 

Pairing: Crunchy white beans with romesco sauce and Red Mustard Cress.

Recipe: Lisette Dawtrey (inspired by Javier de las Muelas)

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