Plant Based Sechuan Button Hot Chocolate with Tuile Spoon

Sechuan Buttons paired with warmed oat milk and rich Tuma Yellow 80% Xoco Gourmet Chocolate gives rise to an exotic and stimulating drink, creating buzz and warmth intertwined, accompanied by a novelty tuile spoon enriched with Planifolia Black Vanilla.

Ingredients and method


Ingredients of Hot Chocolate  

  • 80g Xoco Gourmet 80% Tuma yellow chocolate 
  • 200g oat milk 
  • 30 (one punnet) Sechuan Buttons  

Ingredients of Plant Based Tuile  

  • 65g reconstituted potato protein (6.5g potato protein powder to 65g water)
  • 55g caster sugar 
  • 65g plain flour 
  • 65g plant based butter 
  • a whole Sechuan Button per portion 


Method for Hot Chocolate 

  • Heat oat milk with Sechuan Buttons, pour over the chocolate. Blend with hand blender and pass to serve in a small glass. 

Method for Tuile Spoon 

  • Beat plant based butter and sugar together then beat in the rest of ingredients. 
  • Spread on chablon or mylar stencil on a silicone mat, lift off stencil, bake at 160C for 8-10 mins until goldening.  
  • Take off mat white still warm.  
  • Serve beside the hot chocolate with a whole Sechuan Button. 

Recipe: Shona Sutherland

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