Tahoon Textures with Mushroom

Source: Gronda

Kind oyster mushroom serve with Mushroom Ketchup, tahoon oil, Tahoon Mayonnaise, dry tahoon dust and fresh tahoon.


How to: video

  • king oyster mushroom
  • Tahoon® Cress oil
  • mushroom ketchup
  • Tahoon Cress mayonaise
  • dry Tahoon Cress dust
  • Melissa Cress gel
  • king oyster mushroom chips
  • Tahoon Cress
  • hazelnuts

Tahoon Cress Mayonnaise
How to: video

  • dijon mustard
  • egg yolk
  • Tahoon Cress oil
  • Tahoon Cress pulp

Oyster Mushroom Chip with Tahoon Cress Seasoning
How to: video

1. slice the Oyster mushroom
2. dry the mushroom slices
3. cut the Tahoon Cress
4. dry the Tahoon Cress
5. chop the dried Tahoon Cress
6. fry the dried oyster mushroom slices (just a little bit so they get colour)
7. season the Oyster mushroom chips with dried Tahoon Cress

Source: https://gronda.eu/story/tahoontexturedandmushroombzj
Source: https://gronda.eu/story/howtotahooncressmayonnaisejou

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