Koppert Cress unveils 'White Vegetables' collection

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"A dream come true, a white plate full of only flavorful white vegetables"- Rob Baan

White Vegetables, Category

Gastronomy is once again inspired by Koppert Cress with the introduction of a 'White Vegetable' category. The white vegetables are uniquely grown in specially developed dark rooms, in water and with high humidity. The basic tuber or root, if suitable, produces shoots and are edible. "A culinary dream come true, imagine a dinner in an exquisite restaurant where you are presented with an exquisite white plate with only flavorful white vegetables," said Rob Baan.  

The sub-collection kicks off with two extraordinary products: the new Morar Shoots, with a pungent horseradish flavor, and the very welcome return of Sweet Peeper, the sweet potato. But be prepared, as new innovations are expected to be added to this collection soon. 

Morar Shoots

Morar Shoots offer a warming sharp and subtle sweet flavor with a beautiful and strong, wasabi-like aftertaste. These shoots have a sturdy, juicy stem with delicate, yellow-white leaves at the tip. The appealing, crunchy shoots, rich in flavor complement both modern and traditional Asian cuisines. Morar Shoots can be used as a whole and are suitable for various applications.

Morar Shoots originate as the shoots of a horseradish root. Horseradish has a long history of culinary and medicinal use, dating back to ancient Egypt. The first recorded mention of horseradish can be found in the ‘Ebers Papyrus’, believed to have been written around 1550 BC. A valuable source of information about ancient Egyptian medical practices, herbal remedies, and various medical conditions of that time. During this era, horseradish was utilized for its potential therapeutic properties, such as aiding digestion.

The sharp elements present in horseradish, including mustard oils, are known to possess antibacterial properties, which contributed to its perceived health benefits. Horseradish's intense and spicy flavor made it a valuable ingredient for enhancing the taste of food and masking undesirable odors and flavours. A crucial function during ancient times when preservation methods were limited.

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Sweet Peeper

Sweet Peeper goes perfectly with both hot and cold dishes such as soups and salads. It takes dishes to the next level thanks to its high creative value and good bite in combination with the long-lasting, simple, dry, and bittersweet taste. The yellow leaves and pink/red shoots add an extra dimension to the dish while giving a nod to its origin: the sweet potato. In addition to the leaf, you can also use the pickled shoots as a fine addition to salads and sandwiches.

The sweet potato was originally discovered in Mexico, though in contrast to what the name would suggest, it is not related to the potato. Instead of starch, the sweet potato contains inulin which takes longer to digest. This makes it healthier for diabetes patients. We carefully select and package the sweet potato’s shoots, which are normally used for multiplication.

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