Planifolia Red Vanilla is back, The return of 'vine riped' vanilla

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Dutch 'Vine riped' vanilla (ripened on the plant) as nature intended

We are proud to present you the new batch of Planifolia Red VanillaNow available, Dutch 'Vine riped' vanilla (ripened on the plant) as nature intended. Because the pod is connected to the plant for longer, it acquires an even nicer flavour profile, which from a culinary point of view offers countless new possibilities with specific notes of flowers, freshness, red fruit and butterscotch.

Quality of Planifolia Red
Koppert Cress is proud of their Planifolia Red, a pinnacle of precise growing and ripening methods. With a vanillin content of at least 3% at an indexed moisture content of 26%, this vanilla embodies perfection from cultivation to presentation.

The frosted allure of their Planifolia Red is more than a surface adornment—it's a promise of unparalleled taste and sensory delight. From vine to bean, dedication to perfection yields a vanilla of unparalleled complexity, destined to elevate culinary creations with its rich and nuanced flavor profile. This visual cue heralds not just quality but a depth of flavor unrivaled by its counterparts.

Planifolia Red Vanilla is harvested once a year and is available year-round due to the shelf life, while stocks last. Store dry at room temperature in a dark environment.

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