Planifolia Green Vanille is back in season

Category: World of Plants

Planifolia Green, green vanilla beans; fresh from the plant. Professionals can experiment with 'curing' (drying and treating) to add aromas as desired.

We proudly present the new season of the Planifolia Green Vanilla (Green Vanilla), starting december 4th 2023. Dutch green vanilla pods give professionals the opportunity to 'cure', ripen or ferment it. What could be more fun than experimenting with fresh vanilla and your own processing process? Adding other scents or flavors yourself.

The green vanilla is a seasonal product and will be available for 3 to 5 months (first quarter of the year) per year. Compared to the ripe vanilla (Planifolia Black), the green variety is a fresh product. With this we want to emphasize that the ripening process has already started and will slowly take on the black color over a period of time.

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