Planifolia Red - Vanilla, Dutch Red Vanilla

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Planifolia Red, a Dutch 'Vine riped' vanilla (ripening on the plant); as nature intended. By letting the bean hang longer on the plant, it gets an even more beautiful flavour profile and countless new possibilities.

Asia, South America
Taste / Aroma
Flowers, fresh, red fruit, butterscotch
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Asparagus, Christmas, Coquille St Jacques, Easter, Game, Lobster, Mushroom, Oyster, Strawberry, Valentine's Day
Warm, 12-16 °C, Dry, Dark


Planifolia Red, a Dutch 'Vine riped' vanilla (ripening on the plant); as nature intended. By letting the bean hang longer on the plant, it gets an even more beautiful flavour profile and countless new possibilities. Vanilla is still the main flavour, but we have also found a number of special side notes of flowers, a freshness, red fruit and butterscotch.

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Chefs and pastry chefs prefer to use vanilla for its perfect flavour. A flavour that combines well with many other ingredients.


Vanilla (Tlilxochitl) is native to Mexico. In ancient Mexico, the Totonacs, in the region now known as Veracruz, were considered producers of the best vanilla. The Mayas and Aztecs had developed a divine drink made of chocolate and vanilla. The Spaniards were so fond of this that Hernán Cortés (conquistadores) brought the vanilla and chocolate back to Spain and introduced it to Europe.

Rob Baan

"Vanilla crops outside, think of Madagascar, are more likely to be damaged by bad weather such as typhoons. Theft is also a problem: the beans are regularly stolen because of their high value. For these reasons, the beans are picked unripe which results in the thin dried sticks you buy in the supermarket. We wanted to do better, so we started producing vanilla in Dutch greenhouses. Only in this way can you imitate the ideal growing climate year-round without risky natural conditions and without pesticides or other chemicals. The result? Four to five thousand square meters of beautiful, rich and buttery vanilla beans of the highest quality."


Planifolia Red are harvested once a year and are available all year round due to their shelf life, while stocks last. Keep can closed, store dry at room temperature.

Produced according to socially responsible cultivation methods, Planifolia Red satisfy hygiene standards in the kitchen. Pods are cultivated cleanly and hygienically.


Sweet, Salty, Sour, Bitter, Umami
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Can (6 pcs)
Baking, Blanching, Blending, Blitzing / Mashing, Breading, Bruising, Canning, Chopping, Cold infusion, Confiture, Covering, Decoration, Deep frying, Drying, Extracting, Fermenting, Filling, Freezing, Garnish, Gel, Gratinate, Grilling, Hot infusion, Injection, Juicing, Liquify, Macerate, Marinating, Oil, Osmosis, Pasta / Dough, Pickling, Roasting, Skinning, Smoke, Sous vide, Steaming, Stir frying, Syrup
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