Cold Coulis of Fresh Peas and Zest of Lemon Confit


Serves 1

Cold Coulis of Fresh Peas

  • Fresh frozen peas 200g
  • Cold chicken stock 100g
  • Salt and pepper

Limon Cress
Scarlet Cress 

Cold Coulis of Fresh Peas
Blanch and cook the peas in boiling salty water and refresh in ice-cold water. Drain well and blitz with a hand blender adding the cold chicken stock little by little. Pass through a fine chinois.

Zest of Lemon Confit
Zest half a lemon. Blanch the zest in boiling water, then icy water consecutively, three times. Simmer slowly for 15 minutes in 100ml of water and a full tablespoon of sugar. Leave in the syrup overnight, drain and use.

Limon Cress Oil
Blanch Limon Cress quickly. Dry and blitz, pouring the grapeseed oil in the mixing bowl slowly.

Finish with Scarlet Cress.

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