80% dark chocolate and Chilli Cress ice-cream


  • 12g cacao powder 22-24% 
  • 100g dark chocolate 80% 
  • 691g fresh milk (3,5% fat) 
  • 10g olive oil
  • 128g dextrose
  • 27g fructose
  • 7g neutro
  • 25g seawater
  • 3 punnets Chilli Cress (1 dehydrated + 2 fresh)


  • Heat the liquid ingredients to 40ºC then add the solids, excepting cocoa powder & dark chocolate, and heat to 85ºC.
  • Add the punnet of dehydrated Chilli Cress to infuse.
  • Leave to cool to 55ºC, then add the chocolate and the cocoa powder, blend and strain with fine sieve.
  • Leave to rest 24h, then add remaining 2 Chilli Cress punnets, blend then whip until smooth.

In this recipe, part of the cress was dehydrated as to enhance and create a more concentrated flavor during the hot infusion; and the rest was added fresh so the fresh and spicy notes to come through.

Magazine: Saber y Sabor - Arte Heladero
Recipe: Jordi Guillem

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