Scallops, banana, rettich

Anton Schmaus aims for a kitchen that respects the hinterland and produces simple yet perfectly prepared dishes.


  • 4 scallops St. Jacques
  • banana cubes
  • dried scallop
  • Ghoa Cress®
  • fine rettich brunoise
  • horseradish

For the scallops cream:

  • 100 g crème fraîche
  • 100 g of scallop meat
  • 20 g ginger root
  • 1 tbsp cane sugar
  • 1 tbsp tamarind paste
  • 1 tsp horseradish cream

For the banana sauce:

  • 100 g banana puree
  • 10 g of lemon juice
  • 10 g of tamarind paste
  • 5 g ginger root
  • 10 g of horseradish cream
  • 1 tsp cane sugar
  • salt

For the banana vinaigrette:

  • 200 g of brown butter
  • 25 cl chicken stock
  • 100 g of horseradish cream
  • 50 g of tamarind paste

For the roll of rettich and Ghoa Cress:

  • 50 g of brown sugar
  • 80 g rettich julienne
  • rice paper
  • Ghoa Cress
  • 30 g small cubes of scallop meat
  • 30 g of scallop cream


For the cream, blend all ingredients until smooth and reserve cool in a piping bag. Blend all the ingredients for the sauce, pass through a fine sieve and season with salt.

Reserve the sauce lukewarm. Mix all the ingredients for the vinaigrette, season with salt and the horseradish grater and add the rettich brunoise.

For the roll, make a liquid caramel of the brown sugar and 1 dl water, pour on the rettich julienne and reserve cool.

Put the rice paper in water for 1 minute, spread it on a lightly oiled surface, arrange the rettich julienne, the scallop cubes, the cream and the cress and make a roll.

Smooth the roll with the banana sauce and slice. Fry the scallop in oil and arrange in the centre of the plate. Add 2 rolls and spoon the sauce and vinaigrette around it.

Garnish the dish with the Ghoa Cress®, dried scallop and the banana cubes.



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Recipe: Anton Schmaus
Source: Culinaire Saisonnier 81 - Summer 2016

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