Rodeo Mule

The Mule which won’t leave ones mouth indifferent.


  • 5cl Scotch Whiskey (or Bourbon) 
  • 3cl lime juice  
  • 20cl Ginger ale 
  • 1 Sechuan Buttons, crumbled 
  • 1 Kaffir Lime Leaves 
  • Kaffir Lime Leaves powder 
  • crushed ice 


  • Fill a 1/3 of a copper mule mug with crushed ice, add lime juice, whiskey and a crumbled Sechuan Buttons (keep a little for decoration). Stir well with mixing spoon. 
  • Fill with crushed ice and top up with ginger ale.  
  • Sprinkle with Kaffir Lime Leave powder and the rest of the Sechuan Buttons, add an extra Kaffir Lime Leaves for decoration. 

Pairing: Roast chicken croquette with red pepper coulis and Affilla Cress.

Recipe: Lisette Dawtrey

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