Strawberry duo


Strawberry-mango purée: 

  • 50 g organic strawberry’s  
  • 30 g Thai mango – fully ripened
  • fresh rose pepper berries, french quality 
  • 8 g Manuka honey  
  • Melissa Cress 
  • Jasmine Blossom 

Chocolate – Paztizz: 

  • 40 g organic strawberries  
  • 30 g dark chocolate mousse - classic preparation  
  • 1 dash Galliano Vanilla liquor  
  • 25 g Buffalo yoghurt  
  • 1 Sechuan Button  
  • Adji Cress 
  • strawberry  
  • 3 Paztizz Tops  


  • Mix strawberries, mango, rose pepper berries and Manuka honey in a fast blender – heat up to 40°C and cool down asap to preserve the best taste, place in the first bowl of the Zieher Plate and add Melissa Cress and Jasmine Blossom on top. 
  • Mix the Buffalo yoghurt with 2 Paztizz Tops and 1 Sechuan Button and fill in the second bowl of the Zieher Plate. Mix chocolate mousse with strawberries and Galliano and place on top of it. Add the strawberry, Adji Cress and Paztizz Tops and serve together with Italian espresso. 

Recipe: Marcel Thiele

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