Venison loin with red wine jelly and Shiso oil


  • 300g venison loin  


  • 50g oyster sauce  
  • 100g soya sauce  
  • 25g honey  
  • 5pcs junper  
  • 1pcs lime skin  

Red wine jelly: 

  • 0,7l red wine  
  • 0,2l beetroot juice  
  • 1pcs cinnamon stick  
  • 1pcs anise star  
  • 80g honey  
  • 1pcs bay leaf  
  • 32g Sosa elastic  

Shiso Oil: 

  • 20 Shiso Leaves Green  
  • 100g grape oil  

Shiso mayonnaise: 

  • 1pcs egg’s yolk  
  • 100ml Shiso oil  
  • salt   


  • Clean meat.
  • Mix all ingredients for marinate. 
  • Add meat to marinate, put to the vacuum bags and vacuum
  • Keep in the fridge for 1 hour.  
  • Before serve burn meat with a burner. 

Red wine jelly: 

  • Boiled all ingredients 10 minutes
  • After this time add Sosa elastic and cook slowly 5 for minutes
  • Pour a very thin layer on the tray

Shiso Oil: 

  • Put grape oil and Shiso Leaves Green in to thermomix at 50°C for 4 minutes and mix in full power.

Shiso Mayonaise  

  • Put egg yolk in bowl.
  • Slowly put oil and still whisk. 
  • Put salt to taste. 

Recipe: Ernest Jagodziński

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