Wheat Grass Cappuccino

Wheat Grass, a green energy boost, natural caffeine-free substitute of coffee.


  • 1 punnet Wheat Grass 
  • 150ml cold milk 
  •  Kaffir Lime Leaves powder 


  • Extract the juice of 1punnet of Wheat Grass (throw away the fiber) and pour into large cup. 
  • Steam the milk to 60ºC, emulsifying to create milk foam. 
  • Pour the milk into the cup, creating layers of Wheat Grass, milk and foam.  
  • Dust with Kaffir Lime Leaves powder and decorate with a few Wheat Grass leaves. 

Tip: Use non-dairy milks for vegan options. Beware, contains gluten! 

Recipe: Lisette Dawtrey

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