Carrots, chana dal and Zorri oil

Chana Dal: fried split chick peas (savoury indian snack)


  • 20 stem Zorri Cress                                       
  • 4 each Floregano                                           
  • 4 leaves Shiso Leaves Purple                                    
  • 4tsp Zorri oil                                                    
  • 20gr melted ghee                                          
  • 500ml vegetable stock                
  • 4 medium carrots                                                          
  • 12 each small silverskin onions                
  • 40gr chana dal                                 
  • 20gr chia seeds                              
  • salt and white ground pepper
  • vegetable oil for frying


  • Using a Japanese mandoline, make some fine long strips out of the carrot and keep the middle, (the cylinder left over from the machine) to poach in the vegetable stock.
  • Cook the carrot strip flat , in a hot oven, with a drizzle of Zorri oil and the seasoning.
  • Fry the Shiso Leaves Purple in vegetable oil and burn the small onions with a torch.
  • Brush the poached carrot with the ghee and roll them in the Chia seeds.
  • Add the Chana Dal on top of each carrot, cylinder.
  • Dress the plate with the carrot strip, carrot cylinder, freshly cut Zorri Cress, the fried Shiso leaves, Floregano, the silverskin onions and a drizzle of Zorri oil.

To make 150ml of Zorri oil:

  • Emulsion one punnet of Zorri Cress with 150ml of Grapeseed oil in a high speed blender.
  • Pass through a coffee filter overnight, collect the oil and reserve the pulp to add flavor other dishes such as gnocchi, mash potatoes , consommé, soupe…etc.  

Recipe: Franck Pontais

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