• 1,5L water (cold or room temperature)
  • 1 punnet cress (Atsina Cress, Melissa Cress, Honny Cress, Limon Cress, Borage Cress, Basil Cress, Zallotti Blossom, Aclla Cress, Shiso Green)
  • 5-6 raspberries

NB: It is not necessary to add fruit to flavour your cresswaters.


Fill a jug with 1,5L of water and add 1 punnet of cut cress and a handful of raspberries. Infuse for 2 min and serve. 

Tips: Try it out with sparkling water, the bubbles help to accelerate the infusion.  
Ideas: Limon Cress and lime, Basil Cress and Borage Cress, Zallotti Blossom and strawberries, Aclla Cress and mandarin, Shiso Green and pineapple.

Recipe: Koppert Cress

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