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Grischa Herbig, chef of La Societé: "The cresses of Koppert Cress allow you to add nuances to your dishes. Sometimes refined and subtle, they always leave an unmistakable impression."


  • hibiscus blossom
  • Paztizz Tops®
  • Citra Leaves®
  • chartreuse ice cream
  • almond milk foam
  • pickled cherries
  • powdered sugar

For the Hüttenkäse:

  • 200 g mirin
  • 20 g sage
  • 30 g of pickled ginger
  • 20 g of yuzu juice
  • 200 g cottage cheese

For the crumble:

  • 170 g of caramelized opalys
  • 30 g chopped dried pumpernickel
  • 60 g coarsely ground pistachio

For the hibiscus broth:

  • 300 g of water
  • 15 g of dried hibiscus blossom
  • 35 g vanilla sugar
  • 250 g of hibiscus blossom tea
  • 3 g guar son
  • 10 drops of angostura


Mix mirin, sage, ginger water and yuzu juice, rinse the Hüttenkäse and add to the mass. Reserve in a piping bag. Mix all the ingredients for the crumble.

For the stock, bring the water, blossom and vanilla sugar to the boil, let it steep for 30 minutes and pass through a fine sieve. Mix in the remaining ingredients and season with the angostura.

Roll the hibiscus blossom through the powdered sugar and dehydrate. Do this twice. Dress the ice cream with the cherries and the Hüttenkäse on the plate, garnish with the Koppert Cress Specialties and spoon the stock.

Paztizz Tops® is an ingredient with a pronounced anise flavour and a wide applicability. The fresh taste goes very well with fish dishes and the combination with game is without a doubt surprising.

Paztizz Tops can also be used to refine sweet dishes. Aperitif lovers experience the astonishing similarity between the taste of Paztizz Tops and that of a well-known French anise drink.

The needle-like soft leaves also give Paztizz Tops an excellent decorative value.


La Societé

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Recipe: Grischa Herbig
Source: Pâtisserie & Desserts - 53

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