Zorri Cress Gnocchi with Zorri Cress Oil

Source: Gronda

Zorri Cress Gnocchi are served with Parmesan and Zorri Cress tuiles, Zorri oil and Zorri roasted seeds.


Zorri Cress Oil
How to: video

Zorri Cress Gnocchi
How to: video

1. boiled potatoes press
2. add flour
3. add corn flour
4. add egg yolk
5. add Zorri Cress pulp (see also the production of Zorri Cress oil in my profile)
6. knead dough and add flour if necessary
7. press dough flat and cut into evenly sized pieces
8. form into small balls
9. press slightly with a fork
10. boil for 3-4 minutes
11. drizzle with Zorri Cress oil

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Source: https://gronda.eu/story/howtozorricressgnocchipnl

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