Cardamom Leaves steamed mackerel


4 persons

• 4 Cardamom Leaves (equally large)
• 4 Mackerel fillets (raw) cleaned and boneless
• Salt
• Pepper
• Oil
• Lemon / lime juice
• 1 bowl Salad Pea
• Frisee lettuce
• Truffle mayonnaise
• Steam Basket

Cut the fillets into equally large portions, place them skin down and season with salt and pepper.
Then take the Cardamom Leaves and cut them inside to help the flavouring. Wrap the fillet with the leaf inside, from head-side to tail and place a skewer through the fillet to hold it in place.
Steam it for 3-4 minutes in the steamer basket over a pan of boiling water, remove the skewer and cut the roll into three equal bite slices.

Serving tip

Put the three equal circles of mackerel on a plate of your choice.
Place in the middle, adding some frisee lettuce and some Salad Pea. Squeeze over the dish some lemon or lime juice and garnish the plate with truffle mayonnaise.

You may use instead: Fish Lemon sole fillets, depending what is available in season.

By using salt between the fish and the Cardamom Leaves you get the best flavour transfer. Instead of a steamer basket you can also use a pan with a lid and sieve it, as long as it shut. Use the truffle mayonnaise with discretion.

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