Cappuccino Wheat Grass

Ingredients and method


  • Wheat Grass
  • 1 espresso
  • Oat milk


  • Separate pulp and juice from Wheat Grass using a slow juicer
  • Dry the pulp in the microwave for 5 minutes
  • Powder the pulp with a blitzer
  • Make 1 espresso
  • Put the espresso away cold, just like the juice of Wheat Grass
  • Froth the oat milk with 1/3 part Wheat Grass powder
  • Pour the foamed oat milk with Wheat Grass powder into a glass
  • Slowly pour the espresso into the glass so you get 3 layers
  • Sprinkle the cappuccino with Wheat Grass powder
  • Serve

Recipe: Eric Miete

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