Scarlet Cress and Mung Bean

Source: Gronda

Goat Cheese on Mung Bean with Scarlet Cress and beetroot emulsion, Scarlet cress jelly, Scarlet Cress dressing.


How to: video

  • Scarlet Cress
  • Dry Mung beans
  • Cooked beetroot
  • Goat cheese
  • Mayonnaise
  • Scarlet Powder

Mung bean salad with Scarlet cress
How to: video

Mix Scarlet Cress syrup and vinegar to get a little emulsion. Add mung beans and mix it. In the end add Scarlet Cress. 

Scarlet Emulsion
How to: video

You start with an emulsion thickener and add some beetroot juice to it. Just add a little amount and start mixing. Over the time you can add more and more of the juice, until you will get the consistency you would like to have.

Scarlet Goat Cheese
How to: video

1. take a blender
2. cut Scarlet Cress and put it into the blender
3. add french goat cheese
4. add beetroot
5. add juice of beetroot
6. add joghurt
7. mix and put into a piping bag
8. pour into a mould
9. put in the freezer
10. take them out of the mould


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