Koppert Cress by Night


  • 4cl Gin macerated with Shiso Leaves Purple, Cardamom Leaves and Jasmine Blossom 
  • 12cl tonic water  
  • ice-cubes 
  • 1 slice of pink grapefruit (decoration) 
  • Jasmine Blossom (decoration) 
  • Shiso Purple (decoration) 


  • Add ice and the macerated gin to a chilled balloon glass. Then in front of the client (important), slowly pour in the tonic water so that they can see the glass change colour. 
  • Garnish with pink grapefruit, Jasmine Blossom and Shiso Purple. 

Pairing: Russian potato salad with caviar and Bean Blossom. 

Recipe: Lisette Dawtrey

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