Fork-crushed potato, carpaccio of chestnut mushroom with Motti Cress and celery sauce, Frank Fol – The Vegetables Chef®


(For 4 portions)

  • 800 gr waxy potatoes
  • 400 gr of green celery
  • 2 garlic cloves 
  • 4 to 6 chestnut mushroom 
  • cup of Motti Cress 
  • El Flameco olive oil
  • Black pepper 
  • Coarse sea salt


Mashed potato:

  • Peel the potato.
  • Cook in water with salt and pressed garlic.
  • Drain, crush with a fork and keep warm under lid.

Celery sauce:

  • Cut celery (about half with leafy green) into pieces and wash well so that all the sand is removed.
  • Cook celery in water with coarse sea salt until done.
  • ​Then scoop out the cooking liquid and cool under running water. (in this way it retains it’s beautiful green color). 
  • Keep cooking liquid. 
  • Mix it together with the cooking juices, olive oil and black pepper into a running sauce.

Celery Pieces:

  • Cut celery (other half) into fine pieces and wash well so that all the sand is removed.
  • ​Cook the celery in the boiling water until tender. Then scoop the celery out of the cooking juices under running water. (in this way it retains its beautiful green colour)


  • Cut chestnut mushroom into fine slices.


  • Divide the lukewarm potato over the plates.
  • Divide the crispy celery over the potato
  • and drizzle everything with olive oil.
  • Spread the slices of mushroom on top and season with black pepper and sea salt.
  • Spoon some sauce over the plates and finish with the cress.

Recipe: Frank Fol - The Vegetables Chef®
Photo: Wim Demessemaekers, Photographer | @wim_dmskrs

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Techniques: cooking, sauce, raw
Plate: Wild Moon large flat ceramic
Recommended drink: Red wine, Gamay - Wijndomein Valke Vleug, Scheldeland - Belgium

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Frank Fol – The Vegetables Chef®


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