Poached peach “Charlotte” with blueberries and red wine syrup


For 4 portions

  • 1 punnet Ghoa Cress                    
  • 12 Yka Leaves                     
  • 12 pieces Floregano                      
  • 6 pieces peach                                
  • 100g blueberries                          
  • 16 biscuits lady finger biscuit   
  • 200ml red wine                             
  • 175g caster sugar                        
  • water                  


  • Make a syrup with 100g of sugar and 600ml of water.
  • Poach the peaches in the syrup, cut them in halves and peel them.
  • Keep 4 halves whole, reserve 2 halves to slice finely and 4 for cutting out the circles.
  • Dice the leftover 2 halves and mix with half punnet of freshly cut Ghoa Cress.
  • Cut the biscuits in the middle and place each half standing up in a ring.
  • Soak the biscuit with syrup using a brush, and fill each ring with the peach and Ghoa Cress mix.

The red wine syrup and blueberries:

  • Reduce the wine and the other 75g of caster sugar left over to a syrup.
  • Brush each plate with the finish syrup.
  • Toss the blueberries in the left-over syrup and arrange on the plates.

Recipe: Frank Pontais

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