Wild strawberries, cream of yogurt and vanilla with Wheat Grass, Honny Cress and Daikon Cress

Pâtissiers Marco Akuzun and Alexander Huber make recognizable, but certainly not everyday desserts at restaurant Top Air.


  • white couverture flakes
  • Wheat Grass
  • Honny® Cress
  • Daikon Cress®
  • wild strawberries

For the yoghurt and vanilla cream:

  • 500 g Greek yoghurt
  • grate 1 lime
  • powdered sugar
  • marrow of 1 vanilla pod


For the cream, beat the yoghurt with enough powdered sugar until it hardens and is sprayable. Parry the wild strawberries. Spray the cream on the plate, spread generously with the strawberries and add the cresses.

Garnish with flakes of white couverture and serve immediately.


Restaurant Top Air 

Flughafen Stuttgart, Terminal 1 
Ebene 4 – Stuttgart 
T  0049 711 9482137  

Recipe: Marco Akuzun & Alexander Huber
Source: Pâtisserie & Desserts - 47

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