Bang bang chicken poke bowl


(For 1 portion)


  • 120g cooked chicken cut into large strips 
  • 50g cooked mushroom
  • 50g cooked red cabbage 
  • 50g cooked sliced courgettes 
  • 50g sweet corn     
  • 2 leaves lettuce  
  • 25g spicy mayonnaise 
  • ¼ of a punnet BroccoCress  
  • ¼ of a punnet Sakura Cress
  • 1/6 of a punnet Rock chives  
  • a few slices purple spring onions 

Bang Bang batter: 

  • 1 tbsp flour   
  • 1 tbsp corn starch
  • ¼ of a tsp garlic powder  
  • ¼ of a tsp paprika   
  • 2 pinches table salt  
  • 1 pinch white ground pepper 
  • 1 tsp chilli sauce
  • 1 tbsp soya milk  
  • 60g panko breadcrumbs 
  • Oil for frying

Mayonnaise (120ml): 

  • 100ml plain mayonnaise  
  • 1 tbsp chilli sauce  
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1 tbsp chipolata sauce  



  • Arrange all the ingredients in the poke bowl with the hot bang bang chicken.
  • Drizzle the spicy mayonnaise on top of the chicken and serve.

Bang Bang batter: 

  • Pour the panko bread into a flat plate.
  • In a bowl, mix all the other ingredients together to form the batter.
  • Immerse the cooked chicken strip into the batter then remove them one by one and roll into the panko breadcrumbs. Fry in oil until golden brown.

Mayonnaise (120ml): 

  • Whisk all the ingredients together.
  • Pour into a squeeze bottle, ready to use on the chicken.    

Recipe: Franck Pontais

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