Majii Leaves with chocolate and kumquat

Source: Gronda

Majii Leaves dipped in Milk and dark chocolate, topped with ground desiccated coconuts and ground liquorice, salads of peeled and soak Majii Leaves in Cointreau liquor serve with kumquat comfit.


  • Majii® Leaves
  • milk chocolate
  • dark chocolate
  • ground liquorice
  • desiccated coconut
  • comfit kumquat (marinated with the juice of the kumquat and the syrup)
  • Cointreau liquor

How to: video

1. melt milk and dark chocolate over water bath
2. put cointreau in a pan and add water and sugar to make a syrup (injection for Majii Leaves)
3. make sure the Majii Leaves fit together
4. dip majii leave into melted dark chocolate
5. cover it with desiccated coconuts
6. take the next Majii Leaf and dip into milk chocolate
7. cover it with ground liquorice
8. take the next Majii Leaf, dip into dark chocolate, cover with desiccated coconuts
9. dip another one into milk chocolate & cover it with ground liquorice
10. for the last Majii Leaf: take a syringe and inject it with cointreau syrup
11. put them all together in the shock freezer


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